Karmapa Youth Community

Inspiring youth through the activities and aspirations of Karmapa!



KARMAPA meets with KARMAPA YOUth COMMUNITY 8th June 2014


KYC Meets HH Karmapa in Berlin, 6th September 2015

youth 2015 2

HH Karmapa met with members and supporters of the Karmapa youth community in Berlin on his final day of teaching in Europe. After giving a teaching on “Heart Advice” at Bodhicharya Berlin, HH Karmapa sat down with kids, young adults, and supporters to discuss how to connect with young people. KYC requested to host another youth event after the successful ocassion in 2014 and discussed ideas of developing an internet-based community.

photo by Filip Wolak

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche on HH Karmapa and Young People

Interview taken by Bodhicharya Berlin, 2010

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