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KARMAPA meets with KARMAPA YOUth COMMUNITY 8th June 2014


KYC Meets HH Karmapa in Berlin, 6th September 2015

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HH Karmapa met with members and supporters of the Karmapa youth community in Berlin on his final day of teaching in Europe. After giving a teaching on “Heart Advice” at Bodhicharya Berlin, HH Karmapa sat down with kids, young adults, and supporters to discuss how to connect with young people. KYC requested to host another youth event after the successful ocassion in 2014 and discussed ideas of developing an internet-based community.

photo by Filip Wolak

Youth Event for HH Karmapa concludes first trip to Europe

For a full report read the article here,

otherwise, check out the video below!

HH Karmapa Youth Event, Berlin, 8th June 2014

Hi everyone! We are planning to ask HH Karmapa youth-related questions during his upcoming visit to Germany. If you have a question you would like His Holiness to answer, please post your question, name, country and age here!

For example: Can we receive transmissions of teachings over the internet? Casey Kemp, USA, 27



KYC mentioned in Shambhala Sun

Interview with Dzogchen Pönlop Rinpoche 2013

Vienna, 2013
Special thanks to Nalandabodhi Austria

Question1: From your experience of living in the West, how do you think individuals and sanghas can develop a Western Buddhist culture?
Question 2: How do we bridge the divide between Buddhist sangha culture and mainstream culture in terms of value systems?
Question 3: What about materialism in mainstream culture?
Question 4: People in the West highly value having fun and being happy. Can we bring this drive onto the path?

2nd Interview with HH Karmapa August 2013

His Holiness recently answered three questions that were asked by Karmapa Youth Community:

1) Could this generation become overly dependent on digital media in terms of Buddhist practice? Is it sufficient to receive direct instructions or empowerments from a lama over the internet?
2) Sometimes we can feel disconnected from Buddhism or from our Dharma teachers. What sort of practice should be done in order to bring about a sense of reconnection?
3) What does it mean to take refuge?

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