Karmapa Youth Community (KYC) is an open online group based on Facebook and the website This community wishes to promote the activities of HH Karmapa and to help a young, global audience directly connect with him, his teachings, and his activities.

The website and Facebook page are primarily intended to be open forums for posting information about HH Karmapa and other contemporary Vajrayana Buddhist masters concerned with the future of Buddhism and the wellbeing of the world. We hope to build a sense of common identity based on the teachings of HH Karmapa by providing a direct link between Buddhism and a vast, global, and young community.

The vision of KYC is to slowly build an online platform in which activities and projects are able to naturally develop based on the needs and concerns of international participants while promoting the practice of compassion and the development of wisdom. We are here to help build an overall awareness of the spiritual, enviornmental, and compassionate concerns of HH Karmapa, who is considered by his tradition to be the Buddha of activity.

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